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lolz, not worth getting upset at such things Char, GPU have the weirdest naming conventions out, quite similar to hotrod cards, the more X's and Zs the faster it sounds Why not add a (+)plus to the mix !! hehe

Heres one for the UHD fanboy(s)

Tri-SLI GTX 280 Destroys Crysis at 1600p/Medium, also destroys bank account en route

19X1200: 82FPS average
1600P: 81FPS average (well over the 60-70fps butter zone)

At least rich basteds and reviwers have finally got to see this game in 1600p at a super framerate.... interestingly, on high settings, its still under 40FPS. Much better than the single figures of the 8xxx series

now nvidia >> your mission is: DO IT WITH ONE CARD! Methinks PCI-ex 2.0 will help a bit in achieving this too


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