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"So." Cecilia said, bare feet dangeling into Lake Oblongata, "You like the water too?"
"Yeah." Mike was sitting next to her, his shoes off and his feet soaking too. They were alone, Milo still being gone. "I am a pisces."
She giggled, "I'm a water sign too. Scorpio."
"Astrology is a crazy thing."
"Yeah, it's a bit unbelieveable at times though..."
"Well," he said, "I believe in a lot of star related things."
"Like what?"
"Wishing on stars..." he smiled to his reflection in the merky lake water "Other things too."
"Like crossed lovers?" He slowly looked at her. She was blushing, and quickly turned away.
"Oh," he said, putting a hand on her shoulder "I'm sorry."
"No." She snapped back quickly. "It's's just." She looked at him, his hand was warm on her bare shoulder. His eyes were wide open, and looked very concerned for someone he met that day. "I..." shut her eyes, hoping it would go away. But upon reopening them, it didn't, So he stepped in.
"Listen." he said, leaning into her. Their faces were close, "I am sorry if you're hurt in anyway." She leaned into him too, and she wrapped her arms around him. She could feel the tears coming.
"I didn't want to cry when I found out." She buried her head into his shoulder
"About what?"
"My boyriend left me for my best friend." She wiped her eyes,
That's why I came to camp. To get away and meet someone else." She pulled away and stared at him, "Someone just like you."
Leaning into her again, her leaning foreward to meet him, they shared a kiss by the lake shore. It was innocent, just a kiss. But it released a lot of tension from the two, and from the boy standing on the ramp to the dock, invisibaly eavesdropping in on the whole conversation, hands gripped in anger to the guardrail.
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