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Tepe watched the scene unfold from the uncovering of Charna's status as his wife and the Queen of the Dominion into the usurpation of Andra's job as the squad leader. He didn't even struggle to sense the real emotions in the table at that moment. Jealousy, feel of betrayal, hunger for power, gladness, feel of power... It fed him and a smile appeared on the man's face. It wasn't exactly a smile, but more of a grin. A grin the Sith Hunters had seen but not this group except for maybe on Palpatine when he was plotting.

'Betrayal' a nearly inaudible voice rang within Andra's head.
'You know it as well as I that they had planned this through. They usurped your power intentionally after seeing how weak you were against Jena' the voice continued and fed Andra's emotions, attempting to lure her towards the Dark Side.
'They have no plans to reincorporate you into the group. They never had. They've been corrupted by Reibe into nothing but slaves of the Sith Hunters. They nor Reibe will allow you to take control and unleash the true powers within the group. Feel your anger and jealousy. Take the power you gain from these emotions. Unleash it upon your so called "friends" and show them who is the true power behind their success' Tepe continued to feed the voice inside her mind. If she succeeded in corrupting Andra, he gained an excellent military strategist into his service. And after that, he could continue with the corrupting of the rest of the group.

Tepe's eyes flashed a pale yellow for a split second before the grin intensified and the man's eyes rose up to stare at Jena.

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