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Source (what a long name...) has posted an interview with the lead designer of Neverwinter Nights 2's latest expansion pack, Storm of Zehir, along with some random screenshots from Neverwinter Nights for reasons which, I'm sure, were clear to the site's editor if not to me. [They've fixed their goof]

Some good stuff in there along with confirmation of the level range (3 - 15) that SoZ will be covering.

We focus on giving players maximum reactivity based on how they play and how they customise their party. No longer will you put points in a skill like Survival and then not be able to tell what effect it has in the game.

As players explore Samarach and the Sword Coast and interact with its many fascinating characters, the player will reap the benefits, and drawbacks, of their choices.
Choices having a negative effect on the progression of a character? :hug: -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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