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More reviews of the new video cards:

Tom's hardware (4850, including benchies of the latest two nvidia cards):,1957.html

The noise level of the nvidia card is something worth of attention if that matters to you (It matters to me at least, especially when the card is at idle and I try to do some serious work)...ouch!

This French site has also published a review of both Ati cards ( warning: funny translation...but babelfish is normally slightly better than google for French to English. (I really laughed when I saw this at page 3 of the english translation: "Lastly, and it is a surprise for us, AMD gives up the boxing ring drunk so much praised with the preceding generations"...err..."boxing ring drunk " should read "ring bus" )

I might replace my current 8800gts 512MB with one of those. The card is powerful enough for me but I have not been impressed at all by nVidia's drivers released in the past 6 months. In fact I've never had so many texture flickering and corruption issues and even game freezes when enabling certain graphic options (no, its not my system as everyone playing the games I've been playing get the same problems).

Edit: xbitlabs article on the HD 4850:
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