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"EWAN! ANNABELLE!!" Lixa yelled, kneeling next to Razputin.
"Holy sheep." Ewan quietly said, "What do we do?"
"We need to help him. now. Let's get him to the lodge."
"How do we carry him the whole way?" Annabelle questioned. She was visibly nervous.
Then, Razputin quietly muttered, "..stump...stump."
"Stump? STUMP?" Lixa said excitedly. "Over there." she picked up Raz with TK and carried him over to the stump.
Ewan looked into it. "It's hollow. Jump in." Still holding onto TK, Lixa jumped into the hole with Raz.
"Something doesn't feel right." Cecilia said, Michael still staring at her
"We need to get to the lodge." Without a pause, Cecilia jumped up and ran, bumping into invisible Milo. "OH MY GOD, MILO." She yelled, "C'MON LODGE NOW, QUESTIONS LATER." She ran ahead, Michael right behind her, clutching her hand. Milo supressed his rouge cheeks and ran after the two.
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