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Originally Posted by ForeverNight View Post
No the question is "Who would you TRAIN to be a Jedi?"

Stats don't matter at this point, throw them out of the window and approach this like it was real life. You know these four people, you are a Jedi, and you can train a number of the four. Who would you train?

As for me, Mission and/or Zaalbar are my choices.

Mission: Thinks on her feet, and she is young enough to take the training without having to destroy too many pre-concieved notions. (I'm guessing that's why they take 'em when they're young... any other ideas?)

Zaalbar: Walking carpet with forcepowers and a lightsaber (Or sabers.) Need I say more?
Zaalbar would not be a good jedi in terms of force. He's too angry all the time and would be more of a guardian. So that is basically just giving him a lightsaber and saying "Hit this guy with this". I know, I know. The "training" thing. It's just that I don't see Zaalbar being able to be taught how to control himself or anything.

Mission is not cut out to be a jedi. She needs to be a little more wiser, and she isn't strong enough. She is best as a scoundrel.

Canderous would be a killer guy with a lightsaber, but he too would not be cut out for using the force. He gets pissed off too much.

Carth would probably be the best. He's smart. He's a leader. He can control himself usually. He isn't a weakling. He seems like the logical choice.
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