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Since when has anger been a bad thing for force users?
Well, it screwed Darth Vader up pretty bad.

I thought this was train to be a jedi.
I'm pretty sure the word "Jedi" is more properly in this context used as a general term for a force user, since neither the Exile nor Revan had any official place in the Jedi Order as of the games, so technically, training (for example) Atton does not make him a Jedi per se.

when have Dark Jedi ever survived for long anyway?
1. Jerec and his seven henchman had pretty long lives (with the exception of Yun, but he wasn't as evil as the rest of them).
2. Joruus C'baoth lived long enough to be as old as the original C'baoth had been when he died.
3. Cronal lived long enough to disappear for unknown reasons a few years after the Battle of Endor.
4. Carnor Jax survived long enough to become a Sith Lord.
5. Antinnis Tremayne lived past the Battle of Endor and his fate is unknown.

Et cetera.

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