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Originally Posted by Robondacob View Post
I thought this was train to be a jedi. Also, when have Dark Jedi ever survived for long anyway?

Also, it's assuming a lot that just because you can train Mission to be a jedi, she's going to be all buffed up. She is not good with melee, so there would be no point in training her with a lightsaber (unless you use the TSL feat, Finesse, which was a horrible idea).

Actually I have RH's make Mission a jedi mod which allows you to make Mission whatever class you want. I found she worked very well as a sentinel with a mere 2 points more to strength. (and she probly didnt even need that.) I guess she would be a bad consular b/c of the low wisdom but she worked great for me.

@mur'phon: I always wondered that too...I think finesse is a good feat and you do get it for free in K1 but no in K2 for some reason...anyway if your not maxed out on strength its a good feat to have especially for people like Visas who have high dexterity.

Yeah I wouln't count Marka Ragnos spirit as living either, but 100 years of actual life is still a long time.

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