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Ziggy and Hunter wear sitting next to eachother, dangling their feet over the side of the porch. Hunter was playing his guitar while Ziggy sang to some of the lyrics.

"To me you'll be forever sacred. I'm dying, but I know, Our love will live. Your hand above, Like a dove over me. Remember, To me you'll be forever sacred."

Ziggy noticed another blush creep on Hunter's face. He suddenly stopped playing and stood up. He held his hand down to Ziggy.

"Wanna go on a walk?" he asked shyly.
Ziggy smiled and nodded. She took his hand and got up. She then got her levitation bubble and started to bounce off, giggleing. Hunter smirked and got his bubble too. He followed her into the woods, relying on her laughter to catch her. He caught up and stopped.

"Ziggy?" he called out.

Hunter heard a scream, and levitated quickly to the source. When he arrived, a man ith an unnatural blue skin and goggles was holding Ziggy, by the throat. Hunter clentched his teeth and got ready for an epic fight.

Just then, Cecilia, Mike, and Milo were all running/bouncing by when they noticed Hunter in a tough situation. They stopped in their tracks and ran towrds him.
"What the hell?" Cecilia asked Hunter.
"We were on a walk and she was taken hostage, I suppose," Hunter answered. The Blue man cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Why hello chldren. I'm just giving "Ziggy" here... a "check up". Her teeth aren't that great," He said, smiling evilishly.

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