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Originally posted by BluRR:
Oh, and will there be a lot of laggers around? I imagine the system requirements will be quite a bit higher than JK, and most people that play will probably have a higher-end machine, so i doubt there will be as many.

Yea, the system requirements will be considerably higher, but I'm sure a lot of ppl have upgraded since JK1, so as far as system requirements, that shouldnt be too much of a factor when it comes to laggers. However, internet connection will. I don't care how awesome your system is...if you got 28.8 you're gonna lagg like a mother. AND, when someone has a 28.8 they become the main factor in game ping. So if someone with a T1 is playing vs someone with a 28.8...they're ping to each other is gonna be limited by the 28.8. THATS why we need dedicated servers...cause with those the only ping that matters is your latency to the SERVER, not other CLIENTS.
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