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New problem arises

I have discovered a new development on Creative Labs' end.. If you are running on 64-bit and 4GB or more of RAM, their drivers (at least for Audigy2 ZS) don't fully support it and their beta is fairly unstable.

At random points throughout the game (Combat, cut-scenes, movies, loading screens, etc..) the game stops responding and (after ending task) delivers a beautiful BlueScreenOfDeath with BCCode 76 which turned out to be related to Creative drivers.

Work around:
If you don't wish to remove your memory or change your OS, you can download the unstable beta version of the driver and end the task from the processes tab and not the applications tab. This will only cause you to shutdown the game and very rarely get a BSOD.

Save often. I think I'll be playing off my laptop most of the time until Creative releases a final driver to support more than 4GB of memory with their sound cards (how it can't anyways is beyond me).
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