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This time, instead of meeting his challenge, Andra said, "Dannar, earlier you and Jena set me at ease with the presence of Grayson and Kos. To do so, you reached into the past, filling in the ages missing in my mind. Perhaps it's time to fill in the rest of the picture."

"Show you the past?" Dannar asked. "All we've been through?"

"That's right," Andra agreed. "Are you willing?"

The surprise was gone and suspicion was in its place. Dannar frowned. "Something to do with that outburst a moment ago?"

"You might say so," Andra answered. "Do me a favor and don't pry. Just show me the past."

Dannar nodded and gestured to Jena. As they positioned themselves on either side of Andra, she shot a smug smirk in Tepe's direction, as if to say, "Told you I knew my people."

"Just relax," Dannar urged. "This is a lot of history to take in... and it's probably going to hurt."

"I'm ready," Andra said. "Do it."

And it was painful. But in the course of several minutes, Andra's mind had been forced to store the memories of the past away, within easy reach of her conscious mind. Dannar and Jena withdrew, leaving Andra sitting fully upright, her eyes tightly closed.

"Is she..." Ruya began cautiously. Dannar and Jena shushed her. Then, after a full ten minutes, Andra slowly opened her eyes.

"I have..." she stammered. "I saw... the..." With a weary sigh, she closed her eyes. "Can't think... too many possibilities..."

Dannar cringed, realizing what was happening. "Her precognitive abilities are kicking in on the memories... she's not only seeing what happened in the years she missed; she's seeing everything else that could have happened also."

"Oh, Andra, I'm so sorry," Jena breathed, horrified. Andra's blue eyes shot open and she stared at Jena.

"Don't be," she gasped. "It'll be over... so soon."

And abruptly, it was. With a groan, Andra leaned forward, resting her forehead on the table. Jena rushed to her side, calling on the power of the Force to relieve some of Andra's pain. Slowly, the precog sat up and turned her eyes to her friend.

"Handy trick, that," she remarked. Jena gave her a hug.

"Welcome back," she said. Andra merely nodded, then turning her gaze to Tepe.

"This isn't the first time you've tried to divide friends," she said softly. "But I do believe it is the first time you've failed. I will have my decision for you in a few hours. We have to talk this over. If one of us joins you, we all join you."

She stood slowly, cautiously and Jena supported her. Draping her arm around Jena's shoulders, Andra beamed at Tepe. "See?" she said. "This is close friendship. This is a thing you've rarely known. But it's one of the stronger things in this galaxy... if a person has a brilliant idea and a few good friends, there's very little they can't do together."

With that, she directed the Jabos Team out of the cantina to discuss.

At that moment, Reibe and Strider reentered, after having been gone for quite some time.

((Flamehart, we're ready for the continuation of that sequence I cut out of the story, yah?))

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