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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
Lavrentiy Beria
You got the other quarter Rev.

For those interested, when the Tsar fell, his intelligence agency was the Okhrana. This was replaced by the Cheka. After Dzherzhinski died, it became the OPGU. Stalin changed the name to the NKVD right before the Second World War and Beria who was a field agent (Working with a man who later became famous, Nikita Kruschev) created Smersh. Smersh created one technique called absorption, where they contacted rebel groups behind the line, and if they were anti-communist but still fighting the Germans, arranged to have them killed with weapons that pointed a finger at someone else. The same technique used in Yugoslavia painted the Chetniks as German sympathizers and murderers. This caused the Allies to openly support the Partisans, who assured every political opponent became and instant 'Chetnik'.
The MGB as it became in the late 50s kept Smersh running with Beria now the head man of the organization which caused a literal spy versus spy war in Germany. After his death it became the KGB.

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