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"Well well... This looks interesting...." the blue man said, grabbing Ziggy by the throat.
"You put her down right now!" Hunter yelled, "Or I'll kill you so hard!"
"Oh, so someone more feisty? Loboto likes..." the blue man threw Ziggy to the side like a rag doll, causing her to hit some rocks.
"ZIGGY!" Hunter yelled. He was about to run to get her, when Cecilia held him back.
"Milo!" Cee yelled, "You can't fight, but you can help Ziggy through right?"
"THAN GO GET HER WHILE WE DEAL WITH THIS GIANT BLUE RASPBERRY!" While Cecilia shot a psi-blast at the man, Milo ran to Ziggy.
"IT IS SO ON NOW!" Hunter yelled, hopping on his levitation ball and charging at Loboto with all his speed. The resulting crash caused them both to fall over, but Loboto went harder. With his TK, Michael pulled Loboto up upside down, while Hunter threw some Psi-punches at him, and Cecilia used her pyrokinesis.
After a few minutes of bashing, Milo had Ziggy bandaged up and carried her in his arms, and Mike held an unconscience Loboto by TK while Cecilia and Hunter stood and planned.
"What now?" Milo asked
"You know what I say?" Hunter said, cracking his knuckles, "I say we sent him to the cougars and stomp on his chewed corpse."
"No." Cecilia asked, "We need to interrogate him first, than he will die."
"How do we interrogate him? He seems like a hard person to get information from." Michael asked
"With water torture, obviously. TO THE LAKE!" Everyone started walking the path to the lakeshore, when someone added a comment.
"Right now," Hunter said, while walking, "I'm really liking the sound of torture."
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