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Ziggy awoke in Milo's arms, deep in the woods.
"What... what happened?" she asked quietly.
"Well,"he started, "that blue guy caught you by the throat and threw you at some rocks. You're a little banged up, but you'll be fine."
"Where's Hunter? Did Laboto hurt him?!" She tried to sit up in his arms, but it hurt her.
"Whoa, how did you know that's guy's name?" Milo asked.

Ziggy turned pale.
"Just.... nothing," she muttered.
Milo's brow furrowed, and she looked away.

Milo looked at Hunter who was intarigating the man. Ziggy looked too, and she clentched her eyes shut.
"Please don't hurt my dad," she whispered so know one could hear her.
"So, " Hunter started , "Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to beat up innocent girls?"
"Innocent? Please. If you knew who she was, you wouldn't even look at her," the blue man answered.
Cecilla made the water pressure harder on him and smirked. Lobato swore.
"Like I asked. Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to hurt her?" Hunter continued, his voice angering.
Laboto just spit at his feet and Hunter snapped.
"Calm doooown, Germon boy. He still hasn't answered yet," Cecilla said, holding Hunter back while trying to keep her energy focused on the water's pressure.

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