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"My name is Laboto, and that thing walking down here, is my daughter," he said smiling in a cruel way.

Cecilla was shocked and dropped Laboto. Ziggy clentched her eyes shut harder,smearing her eyeliner. Milo was shocked, and dropped her. She hit the ground without making a sound, and stared down at the ground.

"Okay," Hunter said, not seeming phazed at all, " Why are you throwing your daughter around then?"
"Because, she is worthless," Laboto answered. A tear seemed to drip down Ziggy's face.

Hunter lost it. He went head on to Laboto and began to beat his face in. Cecilla made no attempt at stopping him, while Mike looked at Ziggy.
"That's your dad?" Mike asked, pale.
Ziggy just nodded.

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