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(edited due to lameness DX )

Milo handed Ziggy a bandage and she managed a "thanks". Hunter ran up towards the rest of the group and kneeled in front of Ziggy.
"Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" he asked, blood still dripping down his cheek. Milo handed him a bandage as well.
"Dank," he said. "I mean, Thanks."

"I'm fine Hunter. What about you?" she answered.
"I'm okay. I'm used to getting beat up," he said.

Cecilla walked over as well
"Hey, you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah," Ziggy said. "I'm fine you guys, trust me."

Hunter, still unsure, nodded, but kept the thought on the back of his mind.

"Um, guys?" Lixa broke in. "We need to get Raz to the lodge, now."
"Right," Cee said.
Hunter helped Ziggy up and seemed to forget to drop her hand afterwords as they walked to the lodge.

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