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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I would suggest waiting until the 4870 is available at MSRP or below as the 4850 won't be a huge improvement over your 8800GTS 512MB (aside from the driver issue).
I know but the driver issue has gotten on my nerves and that is enough reason for me to change! (yes, I am that fed up by nVidia drivers which only seem to be "optimised" *cough* for the latest popular FPS - I have to admit that I have been overworking lately and I have little patience ).

@ Astro: been thinking about one of those monitors since a while but I think I'll wait for the next generation for extra connectivity options. Besides I don't have much room to put one of those in my current "near downtown" condo...well I could but I'd have to move some things around quite a lot and I have other bigger plans! (Like taking a sabbatical beginning in 4 weeks )

Btw...just a suggestion to the mods here. What about making a separate "video cards news and gossip thread" in order not to hinder other tech news? (just my 0.02$ as it seems to take a lot of space )
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