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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I say do what Mace suggested and go back to an earlier save.
Ok, so I'm starting over from the beginning of Nar Shadaa. Seems like a common thing to have to do. Must be Lucasarts playing Jedi Mind Tricks, "this isn't the door you're looking for."

And thanks for all the posts guiding me to the door, trust me, when this happened I walked all along the docks looking for doors that would open and none would. The only one that would even bring up an icon were the exit door back to the refugee landing, and the warehouse at the Hutt's. I blasted another door open in the Hutt's place, but I can't get through that because the dogs are barking at me.

I'll let you know how it goes. My friends are giving me a lot of crap just for playing this game because they said it was reviewed horribly, but I saw it for $20 at Target and figured what the hey.

Thanks for all the help/posts, the community is good, just wish the game measured up to you folks.
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