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what i like to see is a more custom galactic conquest.

what i mean is: you chose your hero as the general
you get a some credits and you need to build your army.
for example:
i'll buy 100 clone troopers.
i'll buy 50 clone troopers
i'll buy 60 snipers troopers
i'll build 5 AT-TE's
i'll build 55 AT-RT's
i'll build 5 venator class capital ships
i'll build 15 acclamator frigates
i'll build 55 arc 170 fighters

and then a sniper trooper would take longer then a clone trooper. but a venator class capital ship is taking the longest.

and move-able command points. (also in skirmish)
you have one main commandpoint (if it is captured you lose immidiatly) and it is possitioned by you (were do you want to land?)
you have also a maximum of 3 commandpoints. they can be deployed by a general (your hero). and also packed in by a general.

and one other thing: you can pilot everything, also a capital ship. this would be a little different then normal play.
you can rotate arrount the ship, and you still fire straigt ahead or if you would press a "lock"-key, all turrets (if able) will fire at a location on the ship you click on, and to move, just as normal (arrow and w,s,d,a)

i know this are LARGE things if you look at them but the move able commandpoint would be a special ability of your hero. and the pilot a capital ship would only be a matter of coding. they would both be not difficult(tough i can't do it) only the buy thing would be a problem.

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