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Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
The cutscene where Kreia walks into Atris' chambers? How could you NEVER have seen that cutscene?

He said loading prior saves doesn't do anything.

Have any mods installed that might trigger a different event at this point in the game?
No, I actually don't remember seeing that to tell you the truth. Do you have any clips (videos) of it? Well, I guess I could look it up on YouTube.

I didn't notice that loading prior saves didn't do anything. Sorry!

Well, he is talking about the Xbox version of TSL, but that certainly doesn't mean that he/she couldn't have soft modded it. I am assuming that he/she hasn't done that because he/she didn't state it.

I really don't think that there is much that we could give you to help being that it is the Xbox version that you are using. I myself use the Xbox versions of KotOR I & II and have never come across any sort of problems like this. :/

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