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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
I know but the driver issue has gotten on my nerves and that is enough reason for me to change! (yes, I am that fed up by nVidia drivers which only seem to be "optimised" *cough* for the latest popular FPS - I have to admit that I have been overworking lately and I have little patience ).
You're not being impatient at all. A cry has risen up from all corners of the internets about Nvidia's lousy drivers causing the very problems you describe; problems that haven't been fixed since the GeForce 8 series was introduced in late 2006!

Anywho, you could probably get quite a bit for your 8800GTS 512MB if you sold it right now. Maybe almost enough to cover the cost of a 4850 if you can find one on the cheap, which shouldn't be too hard to do. While 4870s are very hard to find right now, 4850s are rather plentiful as well as cheap. You would also gain a little performance boost as well, especially at high res with AA.

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