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admins: thank you for your !public! suggestions

My POV is always going to be the same. If we had the traffic that any major tech news place did, sure, buts its essentially a handful of us talking shop. Theres no 'wanderers by', or people who come here googling answers etc. Keeping it all in here also makes it easier to keep tabs on, and *not duplicate*

Im not saying anymore, the rest is up to our news editor!

A **succession** of driver builds making their PC/GPU not work nice is quite often a sign that people need to rethink their hardware vs gaming choices.

What is funny is that people then go out and buy a more capable card(from rival brand) and then spend the rest of their internet juices complaining how the other brand was so bad.

Originally Posted by D333
@ Astro: been thinking about one of those monitors since a while but I think I'll wait for the next generation for extra connectivity options.
dual link DVI and HDMI too low tech for ya D333? Thats what the 305T has


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