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Considering BR has won the format war....HDMI is the current winner as far as HD connectivity

For those that are curious about how DVI fits in, HDMI's video component is actually based on the DVI standard, but of course HDMI can also carry audio as well

Whilst I havent been entangled in any HDCP snares, as far as the dimensions and functionality of the HDMI connection, it's quite impressive (roughly like usb size)

However, to paint the fullest picture(as I always try to do) !

Of course, the other player which D333 may have been referring to is, as negsun mentioned, Displayport, which is likely to become the pc standard in cpl of years. It is license free(HDMI is a brand), which means manufacturers will be able to implement it without pretending to raise device prices Because it supports RGB and YCbCr colour spaces, it is likely to smoothen the transition than a straight to HDMI jump does for current kit. AMD and Samsung, Dell will be rolling out DP kit, nvidia, intel etc to follow along, maybe sony a bit more slowly. Those with HDMI kit(eg, a ps3, or gfx card) should not dismay though, whilst HDMI and DP arent the same type of signal at nuts n bolts level, a DP connector will allow you to plug in your HDMI gizmo and play happily away. Like the DVI>vga converters you have now, you'll eventually get DP>VGA, DP>DVI, DP>HDMI to keep all the peeps happy

@D333 >> FYI the Dell 3008WFP 30-inch that was released in Jan this year has DP connectors. But before you jump out and buy one, read some reviews first. I had heard some rumblings about the Dell 30", but not sure if it applies to these or its non DP predecessors.

Originally Posted by D333
but I think I'll wait for the next generation for extra connectivity options.
we all now what happened last time someone did that


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