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Help with Internet gaming

I just started playing Empire at War online. My brother and I were recently on the multiplayer internet section of the game, and I hosted a game. However, when my brother tried to join the game that I hosted, he was asked to enter a password. He entered his account password, but the game said that it was incorrect. So my brother tried hosting a game, and when I tried to join it, I got the same 'password' message. I entered my account password, but it was also 'incorrect'.
What is really strange is that my brother and I can join any game except for each other's game, because games that are hosted by other people do not ask for a 'password'. If anyone can explain to me why the game is asking for a password to join my brother's game, and what this password is, since my account password isn't working, I would greatly appreciate it. My brother and I cannot play each other over the Internet, and is has been greatly discouraging. Thank you.
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