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Originally Posted by Rabish Bini View Post
I may get this, although I'm not really all that interested in it, seems like I'm the only one
You're probably not the only one, I get the feeling that many hardcore role players tend to scoff at the Diablo games since they're very light on role playing and mostly a huge hack and slash fest. If Diablo 3 is like the previous installments in the series you will at most get some NPCs monologuing at you when they give you "go fetch" and "go kill" quests, along with some story exposition when you move between acts.

That said, they had managed to get the hacking, slashing, looting and leveling almost down to an art in the previous Diablo games. It was mindless fun that was highly addicting.

When I last played Diablo I hadn't played any (other) CRPGs though, so my memories of it may be tinted by that. May be worth checking out for the nostalgia if nothing else though.

Either that site is nearly brought to its knees by too many visitors, or the flashy Flash content disagrees with my browser. I can watch the two trailer movies, but clicking on anything else causes the browser to load the page forever and eventually freeze. :/

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