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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
Well this review says "Secondly, and this is what really hurts this product, is that its DVI interface isn't HDCP compatible. With a monitor of this size this is more than a problem!

Samsung and our tests with a Blu-Ray movie confirmed this non compatibility."

Since I was thinking of possibly replacing both my tv and monitor with something like that at some point, I'd like to have something that's HDCP compliant as I would intend to keep it for a little while. In the meantime my current monitor is satisfactory and I am not in a hurry to replace it (also, as said above I'd have to move things around quite a lot in my condo to organize a new "workstation" with such a monitor)
Darth333, does it have to be a 30" one?

The reason I'm asking is because the resolution for that size of screen is at a whopping 2560x1600, consider that Full HD is "only" at 1920x1080, when you play 1080p at full screen on such a monitor, even with HDCP compliant components, you'll notice some upscaling and loss of quality...I would personally go for a monitor that's about 24" because that resolution is at 1920x1200, so you can see where I'm going with this

If your input is from a PS3 or other HD equipment, I think a 24" screen would be more sensible and save you a bit more money too (there's 26" and 27" variants at the 1920x1200 resolution, with the difference being the same as 20" and 22" screens sharing the same res)

I would personally recommend this screen, but check out the rest of that site as well, it has a comparison of screens that'll blow you away, some even have video reviews

As usual, this is only my opinion, if your French isn't up to that task, click the button at the top righ to swap to English

Any more questions, ask away or PM me if you want.

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