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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
You're probably not the only one, I get the feeling that many hardcore role players tend to scoff at the Diablo games since they're very light on role playing and mostly a huge hack and slash fest. If Diablo 3 is like the previous installments in the series you will at most get some NPCs monologuing at you when they give you "go fetch" and "go kill" quests, along with some story exposition when you move between acts.
Funny, I thought that was the pure form of RPG games. Deus Ex, KoTOR, Bloodlines, Jade Empire and all other similar games are, to me, combinations of genres. They have an element of adventure games, reflected in ingame dialogues, instead of simple monologues, they have a FPS/TPS element, because of the perspective from which you play and, of course the main RPG element - leveling up, improving skills and equipping your character with the most powerful and expensive armor and weapons.

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