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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
This game is definitely worth playing. It's a great game that you will have to play over and over just to get the gist of the plot, trust me. It's far more complex, intricate and, IMO, better than KotOR1; it's just not nearly as polished. Be sure to pay attention to every single word that Kreia says, and prepare yourself for a truly butchered ending. Luckily there are several mods that keep the combat from getting boring during subsequent playthroughs.

Honestly, though, aside from the infamous Telos Academy bug (which is caused by the patch, of all things) I've never encountered any serious show-stopping bugs during any of my near-countless playthroughs, and my first playthrough was with an un-patched game!

BTW: I average between 50 and 75 hard saves per playthrough.
I'm up to 75 saves now. I restarted the entire planet, and lo and behold this time the first door into Jekk'Jekk Tarr is open, and I walk halfway in, and then I'm in the bar blasting ugly aliens. I guess restarting the planet should be a rule of thumb for any players who encounter similar issues. Quirky game, but at least I got a shot at finishing it now.

Thanks all for the help and suggestions. The community greatly overshadows this game.
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