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Igy: I disagree, the whole point of role playing game is to play a role, y'know role play. Lvlng up, improving skills and getting shiny loot is just a way to "create" the character you want to be, as well as showing how the village idiot ended up becoming a angel killing lord of destruction, err saviour of the world. Diablo is an RPG sure, though I find it incredibly hard to role play. (m'kay, I'm an amazon who somehow got stuck in a rogue village far from any jungle, with some insane disease that prevents me from using propper armor.....)
Feel free to disagree.

To a small talk here and there, so you know a bit why you"re bashing skulls.
You mean besides getting all that nice loot that somehow get stuck inside big nasty beasts?

Checking out seems not to do much.
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