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What doesn't make sense to me is that listed these as potential "MotS-like" personalities.

Personalities could be used easily for role playing, true. I still think however that the idea was to make all personalities in MotS as offensively and/or defensively balanced as possible to ensure that each personality could hold its own. While playing the Jedi personality I almost never got taken down by other classes but I still think they tried to balance it out.

You've added support classes like the medic that really don't have much offensive capability. It seems the abilites you've give the medic and tech would be better suited for something like TFC or more specifically the CTF mode of JK2.

I think personalities are the way to go, I don't just want the skin, I want extra abilities to go with it. I say sure add things like the medic and tech if they are going to give us CTF version with some real meat on its bones. Unfortunately I don't see LEC pulling a Valve any time soon.
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