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I think V's class suggestions make good sense especially for team-based, mission-based gameplay, as he's said.

Personally I would nuke the ep 1 war-droid stuff, but that's just because I didn't like the battle droids from ep1. (Roger roger ). Better, cooler battle droids could be used though, like 4lom & ig88, as was said.

Also, I wouldn't make battle droids their own class. I'd just make them a skin associated with some classes (such as soldiers or bounty hunters).

Also I'm not sure quite so many soldier classes will be needed.

Also, since both bounty hunters and the tech class are into gadgets and tech, they could be combined into one class (bounty hunter).

Here's how I would arrange the classes:
  • Jedi Knight (a 'generic fighter class')
  • Bounty Hunter (an engineer/gadget/tech-type class)
  • Soldier - Heavy (heavy weapons guy)
  • Soldier - Sniper (self explanatory)
  • Soldier - Recon (a scout class, light and fast for flag running)
  • Medic (self explanatory)
  • Rebel/Imperial Spy (spy class, can feign death, costume as enemy, backstab)


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