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Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post
Thanks for the review Mach. (I really should get back to trying to write some more of that story)
I wanted to make the DS Revan, different to what the other Sith Masters have been before him. Revan is cunning, and in my opinion, vindictive when it comes to the light and the dark side. He knows how to press the buttons of each side, his mind works in a completely different way than to that of another Sith.

I'm just trying to give another view on the Sith a try. Instead of the whole, "woo! I have power, so now I'm going to use it to control and destroy everything! Oh noes! I'm dead because I'm too stupid to have thought of plan to survive after I destroyed the Republic!"
You succeeded in that. The biggest problem I have seen is except for two, Jacen Solo and Ventress, every dark lord comes across as a psychopath who just found out the dark was more fun. Both of the ones I have mentioned went to the dark side for perfectly valid reasons in their eyes, and I can understand them both. But to paraphrase Heinlien 'That just makes you regret having to kill them when it happens'.

Originally Posted by Mr_BFA View Post
(I've now made it my sole priortiy to be the first to write something in which there will be no need for editing! :P)
Dream on, kid. My first published work Gryphonrider (Published by Publishamerica, which I will admit is not a great recommendation) was edited by me for 18 years before I had the guts to send it in. I have seen professional works by big name authors that needed editing.

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