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"Sure," Ziggy said, yawning.
She looked outside and noticed it was suddenly dark.
She picked up her bags and guitar and began walking back to the cabins. She walked to the cabins with Cecilla, Mike, Hunter (etc) and stopped outside the cabins. She sat her bags down and sat ontop of one and sighed. It had been a long day. Ziggy looked to Cecilla, who was giggling something at Mike, and Milo standing back, scowling.
She then looked at Hunter, who was sitting under a tree, listoning to his ipod. Ziggy put her bags in her cabin, scribbled her name on the little chaulkboard at the end of the bed, and lied down. Ziggy got up and went over by Hunter under the tree, and sat down.

"Whatcha' listoning to?" she asked, poking her head onto his shoulder. He blushed, but stayed where he sat, rolling his thumb over the ipod to show the song name.
"Rette mich," he said.
Ziggy took one of his headphones out of his ear and listoned to the song, shutting her eyes now and then. The last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was the smell of Hunter's cologne and the lyrics to the end of the song:
"Komm und rette mich - Rette mich".

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