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Originally posted by matt-windu:
<STRONG>I hope that the editor supports modeling for all these. I just don't have the money to invest in one of those 3d editors.</STRONG>
I cant stress this enough, The quake 3 engine CAN, and i say this again CAN support custom MODELS. Not just skins, MODELS and yes there is editors out there, and no doubt they will have a updated editor for JO, im positive there gonna update Milkshape for JO. Or might not even need to update at all. also about the custom victory taunts. They come with custom models, if the modeler decides to put them in, and decides to have a taunt animation to go with it (such as the lightsaber ignite for the darth vadar model,for q3). here is some url's to q3 editing sites and some mods made by editors im thinking from the top of my head.


dbz mod...for those of you that dont know.

quake 3 fortress

check these mods out,and check out the editing site,it has some nice starwars models.

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