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I had a discussion with Timothy Zahn about how he used the force in his books before the prequal novels, THe movies tend to support it. And if you ignore the dialouge and focus on the action and what you see it still holds true.

and how some authors tend to use "dues es machina" too much

Yoda lifting Luke's X-wing is the limit of the power that can be used in the force.
Most FOrce powers rely on TK, precognition, and minor telepathy that is more like Empathy.

The Darkside/lightside is very similar to eastern philosophies of enlightenment, and Karma. Using the Force in anger to harm someone else is bad. But to use it to protect oneself, or protect others is good. As you start doing more and more bad stuff with the Force, there is less doubt, and less hesitation.

Anakin knew when he killed Dooku that it was bad. But there wasn't much hesitation when he went on a rampage in the Temple.

Luke did use Force Choke on the piggies because there was still a little of the old vader in him. But because he stopped himself from Killing vader, he realized he could stop himself from going to the darkside, and doing evil.

You might say that as a Jedi becomes more and more Elightened, they stop using the force, and eventually surrender themselves to nirvana becoming a being of pure force.

While a Sith uses it for power, to the point that it becomes the only thing they have, not realizing that at the moment of death, they lose everything. A few sith Lords (Exur Kun, Freedon Nadd)

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