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(i am saying that this is my first like block...but i thought of something and forgive me if it is omg bad)
while the campers slept, a jet landed in the parking lot quietly. "well that was a complete waste of time" seethed coach oleander as he jumped out of the jet. "we didnt even find raz. when i get my hands on him, he is going to wish he was still a camper." "now morceau, raz didnt know that it was a set up. he was just trying to save lili" milla said with a sighed as she leviated(sp?) out of the jet and looked around. "well, i have many things to prepare for the children tomorrow." she said and left. "i need to go and update the psychonauts profile" agent nein said as he telekintic out of the plane and down the stump. "yeah, sure, you guys just leave me with the new campers...i see how it is" he groaned as he headed toward his tree house.

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