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Aside from mechanics for gaming, some powers and applications of the Force where probably seen as more lightside (benevolent) or dark side (malevolent) then others by the Jedi. For example using the Force to telekenetically lift something was probably seen as a neutral application, healing was seen as beneficial to the light side as it was benevolent in nature whereas conjuring electricity or energy with the Force to strike at a target was seen as a dark side power because of the violence inherent in it.

Using the Force power of telekenesis to choke or crush someone would have probably been seen as a dark side power because it was used to hurt a living being. While Luke Skywalker used it while a Jedi initiate, he may have only stunned the guards. Still it would have probably been frowned upon by the likes of Yoda and Obi-Wan. I find listening to what Yoda says about the nature of the Force in ESB and ROTJ is how to find answers to such questions. For example, Yoda believes the Force should be used for knowledge and defense, never for attack, which would otherwise lead to the temptation of the dark side.

Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Yoda lifting Luke's X-wing is the limit of the power that can be used in the force.
I would have to disagree with such a hypothesis. I doubt Yoda who said, "Size matters not", would have been unable to lift anything larger than a starfighter, using the Force. He did not seem to have much difficulty raising it from the water and moving it in mid-air to the shore. The only thing standing between the use of the Force and say lifting a building is the mentality of the user and their connection to the Force.
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