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Originally Posted by DarthMaphisto86 View Post
The only thing standing between the use of the Force and say lifting a building is the mentality of the user and their connection to the Force.
You haven't studied a lot of eastern philosophy. The whole idea of "Do or do not, there is no try" is that if you have any doubts, you will fail. Yoda was trying to make Luke "Empty his cup", or unlearn what he had already learned about the limits of a physical body, and was applying them to his power in the force.

If force users COULD do more then move a starfighter, then you would have seen many more opportunities for that to happen. When Dooku escaped Genosis, Akakin crash landing on Courscant, and Luke fleeing from the Executor. The limit of Power is a starfighter is size. No more. THe physical body cannot handle any more Force energy (as we read with Dorsk in Jedi Academy)

As was said in the above post... it isn't so much the power, but how the power is applied. Tho some force powers.. like Force lighting only exist to hurt, harm and kill.

Tho you have to ask, when yoda reflected back the force lighting at Dooku, was he mis-using the power of the force for the dark side?

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