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D3... I feel you are a bit confused. Heres some points to add to negsun and Q

*HDCP is so utterly irrelevant!! its a 1600p. monitor There is no device, no media nor gpu that supports HDCP output at 1600p. To this end, I spend much of my spare time pointing and laughing at HDCP. [/1600p junkie]

For those curious, HDCP isnt a super duper design standard, its a butt ugly copy protection countermeasure, designed by those most noblest of *****, Intel.

If you want to plug your 'out of the box' BR player in, theyre optimised for 'up to' 1080p for starters. Even if it coudl work,(which it doesnt) it wont look right. Its UHD !

Its not really a good idea to use as a home theatre/tv screen IMO. You can get a much larger screen at 1080 or 720p and it will look better with its native 1:1 pixel mapping

*These things are really designed to plug a PC into. No other device is capable of native 2560x1600 output. I actually first saw one in a university engineering dept, where some serious 3D CAD work was being done on it....not watching "Miss Congeniality 2" on BR

*I do a heap of video editing, whether on my own pc in adobe premiere pro, or plugging in a friends Mac and using FinalCut Pro. Having the screen *real estate* is vital for this type of stuff.

*Gaming. If you have games that your graphics card can run at 1900x1200 or above, they look divine....

The question the observant clever people may ask:
If I have a BR drive in my pc, will it not play on this screen If its just a BR data disc, HDCP is irrelevant. Its the HDCP on movies etc that are the issue. As always, there are means around this(just like macro CP in DVDs etc) You can use AnyDVD HD etc to bypass HDCP from a HDCP disc, but as I mentioned above, it WONT support the 1600p, so you end up scaling down to make it work.... scaling down UHD is a crime against humanity and should not be allowed!!!


get one of these monitors if:
1. you want to have a large workspace, great for image and video editing
2. you want to game at 1600p

Don't bother
*If you plan on using it purely for BR movies. Just buy a big 720p/1080p TV. duh! way cheaper

You can use a ps3 on it with a special converter gadget, but again, be aware of the downscaling to 1080p(or lower), depending on the game. longstoryshort: not ideal


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