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I totally agree with moving this game off the zone. The zone just isnt advanced enough these days to play multiplayer to its fullest. The idea of having a normal desktop commuter host a game for others to join isnt realistic past about 4 players. This game needs dedicated servers. I saw someone else say JK2 should be on the zone cause thats where the best players are...well hello...this is a new game. The only reason the zone does have the best players is because thats where JK started off the biggest. Lucasarts puts all their games on the zone cause they have some sort of contract with the Zone. It's no surpise thats where JK started and thrived. Back when JK was going strong, I was an IRC player and I could see this. The IRC community was much smaller then the zone community, and therefor ppl on the zone had more experience. After having my Clan on IRC so long, we wanted to move to the zone simply cause there was so much competition.
With a new game, however, there is the chance to correct this and get things started off immediately with dedicated servers. Not only could we have around 16 players on one server(EASILY), but that was would cut down on hacking CONSIDERABLY, just cause of the nature of the connection involved. when you play with dedicated servers, most of the game is local to the server as opposed to being local with the clients, like JK. Look at other peer to peer games like Rainbow6 and Roguespear. The MP networking is similiar to JK and they TOO have hackers EVERYWHERE. If you guys really want this game to last for a long time and play it to its fullest...dedicated servers are defeinately the way to go. And if you're concnered about being submersed into the community and getting to know all of your fellow can still do that very easily even with dedicated servers, i promise. Tribes1 has a HUGE community with everyone knowing each other and that game has never come close to the zone. I know a lot of you love the zone and I am in no way bashing or anything. I'm just tryign to convince some of you how much better off we're gonna be if it moves to having Ded servers
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