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Originally Posted by Bs|Rogue52 View Post
I actually like Dagobah, its just most people cant look past the fog, and don't like all the open space because it makes it hard to Engineer and Rocket spam.

My vote goes to Rhen Var though Bespin and Tatooine come close.
Um, all I can say is, thank you! Some people can't stand Dagobah because of the fog and such, and yes, the open space. It isn't all that bad though. In fact, my fog makes it more challenging.

Originally Posted by TripHammer View Post
I like Sniping on Dagobah. Lot's of places to hide up in them trees. There's also some fairly good long stretches to shoot from too.

My fave map prolly has to be Kamino.. always has been. If we're taking mod maps into account.. The Rise of the Empire maps are phenominal. Bespin Cloud City is a good ole standby, and is always in the favorite list as well.

Rogue52 alludes to specific units too.. that's a good point.. While I enjoy sniper on kamino.. not really the map to go engi.. If I'm going Engi.. my favorite map would be Polis Massa. Same with going Heavy.. My favorite map when playing a Heavy, would have to Mygeeto.
Yes yes, great minds think alike, the mind of a sniper. The best map for sniping is Kamino, since everyone reaches for a turret, and yeah, they're head is the only thing you can hit.

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