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i liked battlenet for Diablo(diablo 1, not 2, which was laggy as hell) b/c it was easy to keep up with friends, it had nice chat rooms that you could talk to people. all you have to do for this is just write down their bnet number and it tells you what game there in(with the /whois function). the hosting of games operated on a client-client server system, but that could easily be replaced with dedicated servers. i believe the sense of closeness could be recreated without the problems of zone(bot protection agaisnt flooders, no sysops with power trips, strong hack protection and frequent patches to proect agaisnt hacks.) the UT game setup was perfect except for 1 thing, which was people weren't assigned numbers like battlenet had so you had no way of tracking friends down. although bnet consisted of my 'zf list' being a piece of paper on which i wrote ppl's #s down.

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