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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod View Post
I've had Mira lose her suit going through there myself, and it never resulted in any game-killing crashes. .
Yeah, that's a bug I've encountered too. It happens like every other playthough so far, I've never had an issue with the suit, just sorta annoying because you can't figure out why Visquis tells her to take off the suit.

I think there is a mod that fixes the problem... On the Team Gizka website, if I'm not mistaken.

@ okiecircus: Welcome, sorry my reply is late. As you have already found out restarting or reloading usually fixes your buts, just remember to save a TON. I have literally hundreds of saves from my many playthroughs... It's something that can be annoying (why interrupt the game to SAVE?) but it's worth it in the long run.

I also reccomend the Ultimate Saber Mod, M4-78 mod, and Team Gizka's TSL restoration mod when it's done...

KOTOR2, is my favorite RPG game ever, it's fine unmodded... (basically)... and it gives you a rich, layered gameplay. *With* mods, it's phenominal. Trust me, that $20 was very well spent, even if you may not realize it now.

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