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Originally posted by pops2002:
<STRONG>We all played CS, a famous MOD ...
I think it would be better if MP games for JK2 would be created by ADMINs 24/24.
Why i don't really like the Zone ?
LoL, guy with 28K create games and there are 4 players in the game, do you really enjoy it ?
See CS and follow this example !

Funny thing is...there was already a topic on this. And it would be more like TFC than CS due to the style of play and weapons and its called a dedicated server. My clan uses one. YOu can use HL's ingame broswer on WON or Gamespy Arcade.
To keep in contact, Gamespy Arcade could be used or ICQ or IRC. I think all HL mod gamers will agree, its a easy system and easy to stay in contact with fellow players/clanmates.

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