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the zone isnt as bad as you dorks make it out to be... yes the zone has its downs but all in all its not a bad place and you arent LIMITED to 4 PLAYERS on the zone.. at least not in all games... in ZoneLAN/IPX i think its up to 8 players and thats enough players and if you want more simply pass out the IP. for those of you that are computer dumb i understand but its not that hard. and i dont think anyone will be playing JK2 on a 28.8 because it wont be like JK/MotS person lag it will be weapons lag if its anything like q3 or any of the other newer games like Tribes2 which means.. if your connection sucks its almost impossible for you to kill anyone because you will have to wait 4 seconds for your weapon to fire after you hit the button. anyway servers are lame there is no "community" where friends can get together and chat. i know some of you anti social hard core "its a game room so you have to play" types dont like that but live with it... and as for flooders.. there is this thing called ignore which any of you dippy doos that say "elite" 9 times out of 10 you are flooders. you can also play on Gamespy if you dont like the zone.. as for the Sysops.. dont make a problem for them and they wont make a problem for you expanding your vocabulary and acting like a human helps when dealing with them. i can see right now the ex MotS people are gona have fun ragging the ex JK people because hardly anyone in JK has a sense of humor and even fewer actualy know what being "elite" is.
the problem with the "make it like UT so you have to hunt for games" is that you hardly ever know who you are gona be playing next and that kinda sucks because sometimes after playing someone you want to hang out more with that person or several other people in the game and the server based crap kinda makes it harder. anyway.. enough of my rant.. i know you wont listen to me but hopefully someone who actualy has a lot of experience with online gaming and being social knows what im talking about.
as for getting hacked while in game... in all my years of playing ive only seen that happen to one person and that was because that person was dumb enough to have a trojan on his computer. im on cable and its yet to happen to me eventhough i do have my firewall on when im not in game. quit being paranoid and have some fun.
p.s. the first NF Sabers game i see played in JK2 will mark my endevor to learn how to hack the snot out of the game... 4years(plus 1 for the wait on JK2) should be enough for yall to get that crap out of your system and figure out that there is more to the game than that. pitty it wont be as easy to do as cogs are.

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