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Okay, here goes the Force Long-Post...

Originally posted by Confed:
<STRONG>the zone isnt as bad as you dorks make it out to be...</STRONG>
Please try to be a little less offensive. Just because someone holds a different opinion to you does not make them a "dork".

<STRONG>in ZoneLAN/IPX i think its up to 8 players and thats enough</STRONG>
Eight players may be enough for you, but a substantial proportion of the community thinks otherwise. If the community is so important to you as you claim, why do you see fit to ignore their wishes just because you are happy with eight players?

<STRONG>if you want more simply pass out the IP</STRONG>
Well, if you're going to mess around doing that, why not just pass out the IP of a DS you are playing on? If you are just using the Zone as a method of passing around the IP addresses, I don't see how it's any better than using ICQ or IRC to do so, and then playing on a DS.

<STRONG>for those of you that are computer dumb i understand but its not that hard</STRONG>
Please try to be a little less condescending. And I don't think anyone in their right mind could believe that the Zone requires more computer experience than using a DS. The Zone is the most spoon-fed service I've ever seen.

<STRONG>and i dont think anyone will be playing JK2 on a 28.8 because it wont be like JK/MotS person lag it will be weapons lag if its anything like q3 or any of the other newer games like Tribes2 which means.. if your connection sucks its almost impossible for you to kill anyone because you will have to wait 4 seconds for your weapon to fire after you hit the button</STRONG>
You're not seriously going to tell me that you think that a game hosted over the Zone by someone with DSL or cable is going to have less lag than a game hosted on a fast DS by or any of the other big gaming sites?

<STRONG>anyway servers are lame there is no "community" where friends can get together and chat</STRONG>
Yes there is. What is this site if it's not a community? Just use ICQ/e-mail to organise matches with people you meet here. Usually, people find a particular server they like, close to them which gives them good pings. Then they form a community with other people on that server. If you ever went to, you'll know that Wilhuf often used to set up a DS and organise tournaments for the board members. Now that's community for you.

<STRONG>you can also play on Gamespy if you dont like the zone..</STRONG>
And does Gamespy not have DS support?

<STRONG>hardly anyone in JK has a sense of humor and even fewer actualy know what being "elite" is</STRONG>
Please stop making sweeping generalisations.

<STRONG>the problem with the "make it like UT so you have to hunt for games" is that you hardly ever know who you are gona be playing next and that kinda sucks because sometimes after playing someone you want to hang out more with that person or several other people in the game and the server based crap kinda makes it harder</STRONG>
No it doesn't, just exchange ICQ numbers or e-mail addresses.

<STRONG>anyway.. enough of my rant.. i know you wont listen to me but hopefully someone who actualy has a lot of experience with online gaming and being social knows what im talking about.
Stop assuming no-one will listen to you. I've listened. Just because I happen to disagree doesn't mean I've not listened to you. You seem to think that anyone who has a different opinion to you must be wrong, which you must agree is a bit arrogant because it is based on the assumption that your opinion is always right.

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