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ya so ive just gone through 6 names b/c some ***** ass sysop named +Brian_USN gave me a day ban for saying a naughty word. ok, so i was violating the CoC and he was just doing his job - so heres the catch: as soon as he'd give me a ban, i'd quickly unban myself by deleting a few key files. I'd show up with a slight variation to my name OR I'd come in with a eVe_Diffname. as soon as i showed up in room without saying anything, he'd ban the eVe name. This was AFTER i reconnected(therefore new ip) so what happens if one of my clanmates goes into Nar? He doesn't even actually wait to see if Im the same person or to see if i'd violate CoC, he just bans whatever name with a eVe_ before it that comes into the room. He doesn't have a ip or file to match me as the same person either so for all he knew, I was someone else.

That is just 1 reason why bots would do so much better than the zone's sysops.

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