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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
You haven't studied a lot of eastern philosophy. The whole idea of "Do or do not, there is no try" is that if you have any doubts, you will fail. Yoda was trying to make Luke "Empty his cup", or unlearn what he had already learned about the limits of a physical body, and was applying them to his power in the force.
Well I already knew that and I thought that was the point I wanted to make. That the only difference was the mind and that only doubt stands between them and what they wish to lift. I brought the connection to the Force also into equation because in both trilogies, an individual with a greater connection was seen to have more potential then others with the Jedi and the Sith.

Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
If force users COULD do more then move a starfighter, then you would have seen many more opportunities for that to happen. When Dooku escaped Genosis, Anakin crash landing on Courscant, and Luke fleeing from the Executor. The limit of Power is a starfighter is size. No more. THe physical body cannot handle any more Force energy (as we read with Dorsk in Jedi Academy)
I do not see what you are referring to in those four events... could you be more specific. Im guessing what you mean with the third event was when the Invisible Hand, Greivous's flagship, was plummeting to Courscant's surface and Anakin had to glide it in for a landing. I bet it was that mental barrier that held him and even Obi-Wan from doing anything... though Anakin's talents as a pilot are said to be, at least in part, due to the Force.

I am confused with your last claim, however it is probably just me, due to not having read as much of the Star Wars novels (not that I do not wish to, there has just been so many! ). Is there a physical limit to tapping into the Force? I am talking other than the amount of midi-chlorian's within a individual (although that may be a factor). Judging from the films, only the mentality of the user as well as their Force potential seems to be the limit to a Jedi or Sith's power.

Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
As was said in the above post... it isn't so much the power, but how the power is applied. Tho some force powers.. like Force lighting only exist to hurt, harm and kill.
That almost sounds like the philosophy of the Potentium I actually think that the power itself does indeed lead one to the light or dark side. It does not mean that using say, Force choke, will lead one astray to darkness (like Luke for example) but it is more likely. It's like if you kill a person, even in self-defense, it only makes it easier for you psychologically to kill again. That is why the Jedi frowned on the use of such powers... it is the quick and easy path. There are more defense oriented powers to get around any situation....

Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Tho you have to ask, when yoda reflected back the force lighting at Dooku, was he mis-using the power of the force for the dark side?
I don't believe so... it was a new power we saw when Yoda defended himself from the lightning attacks of Darth Tyranus and Darth Sidious. As it was passive in nature, I would say the power (Force Absorb, I believe) was more toward the Light Side of the Force. As for reflecting it back at Dooku... while that was using Force Lightning, I guess since Yoda himself did not conjure it, that he wasn't "cheating" per say. Also Yoda is no ordinary Jedi... he is an experienced and mature master who is in control of his emotions. We only saw him reflect Force Lighting in a defensive nature during combat.

Anyway, my only contention is with your claim, Kinnison, that nothing larger then an X-Wing star fighter could be lifted while using the Force. Just because it is the largest object I believe we see levitated by a Force user does not mean that larger objects can also be so manipulated. In Episode III we saw the titanic struggle between Jedi Grand Master Yoda and the Dark Lord of the Sith Palpatine, where both threw large repulsorlift pods with little effort (especially in Darth Sidious's case). That's not even mentioning the numerous "Expanded Universe" cases of huge objects being controlled and lifted by the Force. I contend that size indeed matters not.
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